About This Class

Your mission … if you choose to accept it …

Improve your coding skills or learn how to get started as a coder!

You can learn to code in one or more of these languages:

  • Python
  • Scratch
  • Unity – C#

You’ll set your own coding goals and then earn XP points for working toward them. There will also be challenges you can test your skills against.

At the beginning of class, we will have a show-and-tell for everyone to see what you’re working on. Then the rest of class will be spent working on projects and helping each other solve problems.

Come join us if you are serious about learning to code and want to hang with other awesome coder students!

NOTE: First semester will be led by the student mentors who all have coding experience. (Adult mentors will ensure class stays focused and structured.) Second semester will be mentored by Joseph Hunsaker, who taught the coding class last year.